Sustainability Matters

Ethical investing has been around in one guise or another since the 19th century, but it was not until the 1970s that investment funds, used frequently by wealth managers, financial advisers and pension funds, were created with a clear brief to seek profit from sources without causing harm to the World around us.

Over the years, as public interest has grown, and matters of responsible corporate behaviour have become centre stage, the ethical investment options have broadened and evolved becoming more sophisticated. It is now perfectly possible to create portfolios for investors, large and small, individual or corporate entity, with a portfolio of funds which not only screen out contentious businesses, but positively endorse those companies that seek to do good.

From its inception in 2004, PFC Cumbria has been creating and managing portfolios for clients concerned about the environmental practices, social impact and governance issues of big business; long before such issues regularly graced the money section of your weekend paper. Today, a quarter of the funds under our care are managed this way, and we have the experience to know that ethical investing ought not mean a compromise to performance.

Ethical investment ought not mean a compromise on performance.

Walking the walk

At PFC we have lived and breathed these principles because they are issues which matter to our Directors. We’ve long tried to live out our own values in our business practices. As a consequence we introduced paperless information management at outset, our office uses sustainably sourced energy, waste minimisation and recycling has long been embedded in our working habits, and by using the WWF’s Gold Standard Offset Scheme, we have achieved carbon negative status.

Despite our rural base, use of sustainable transport is actively encouraged for travel during work, and also the commute where forward funding is offered for season passes. Electric vehicles have been adopted where other means aren’t available. Use of the cycle to work scheme is common place and we have facilities that make cycling, walking or running to work convenient.

To us, none of this is radical, it’s just plain common sense.

PFC Cumbria - doing the right thing since 2004.

Photo: Lake District