About us

At Professional Financial Centre we’ve worked hard to establish a reputation as a trusted source of financial advice.

As a SIFA member firm since our establishment in 2004, we have worked closely in conjunction with local solicitors and accountants developing a truly professional practice where our processes are robust, our investment performance is enviable, and where fees are calculated based upon the time we spend improving your position, not based upon the sale of a financial product.

At PFC we’re interested in financial planning; developing a strategy tailored to meet your long term goals and objectives whilst taking full account of your short term needs.

Financial planning is a process, not a transaction.

What’s more we believe that financial planning is a process, not a transaction.  That is to say that we are committed to reviewing your financial plans with you regularly as we know from experience that our clients’ needs can change and as a consequence, their financial plans need to be flexible.

In short, we aim to provide a valuable service ensuring that we have become the first port of call for our clients when they face complex financial decisions.